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Ivory Tower Collective (ITC) opened in 2014 in Railroad Square Art Park, Tallahassee’s thriving creative haven and one of its most renowned cultural destinations. Founded as a creative workspace for various art projects, gathering place for arts organizations, and an exhibit venue. Three main rooms, measuring 9' x 14' & 15' x 16' & 48' x 30', provide studio and exhibit space. Housed in a former lumber storage shed for McDonnell Lumber Company, neighboring the National Register listed Old Seaboard Coast Line Railroad Depot, the historic building was constructed in 1941 and converted to studios and offices in the 1960s. The concept for the Collective developed from an understanding of the importance of expanding artistic opportunities and venue options in the community, and an awareness of many talented makers who are in need of alternative and accessible creative spaces to support the pursuit of artist endeavors in all forms. Since opening its doors, ITC has hosted numerous exhibits highlighting local artists, socially engaged art and participatory art events, avant-garde theatrical performances, musical performances, and art group meetings.

We are no longer in RR Square, but plan to share much more of and with the community. Stay tuned.

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